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This script is designed to help you plan your grid trading or when averaging your position in the spot market. The script has a small error , it does not take into account the size of the commission. You can set any values on all parameters on any timeframe, except for the number of orders in the grid . This new feature will be available on both BingX app and desktop.

Upward or Downward spike– works best when the pair stays within the pre-defined range. In case of a downward spike scenario, you could end up fulfilling all your limit buy orders which would result in excess quote asset if the price does not recover. An upward spike in all your limit sell orders would be fulfilled reducing your potential profit. We are adding and updating information about hundreds of thousands of companies every day, and periodically add companies to the queue for being updated.

As a result, trading bots have gained immense popularity among traders. Grid trading bots, in particular, have emerged as a popular choice among traders looking to automate their trading strategies. There are several bots available in the market that allow users to create their own strategies. Exchanges like Binance, FTX allow users to create Grid on their platform.

How to Use A Grid Trading Strategy

Hypertrader can also be used for placing grids on multiple markets of Binance. Grid trading works differently based on the prevalent market conditions. Here’s a quick explanation of how traders execute this strategy based on the current price trend of a given cryptocurrency.

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With this type of grid, we need to think about where our stop loss level will be if the price reverses against us and where our profit will be. A conservative take profit could be 25 pips above our final long entry. An aggressive target could be one to two times the length of the grid. When looking to profit from a trend, you are looking to buy orders above price and sell orders below the price.

Choosing a correct range – This involves your study of the market and selecting a pair that you are confident about. One can use technical indicators such as fib levels, moving averages to decide a good range. This part involves your expectation of the worst- and best-case scenario for that particular trading pair.

Grid trading is a system where you are putting multiple buy and sell orders above and below where the price is currently trading. Grid trading is a strategy that can be easily automated and requires very little technical analysis. Grid trading is a straightforward strategy that is oen overcomplicated by traders trying to use it. BingX is committed to bringing about more trailblazing, industry-leading features and services to cater for various trading and social needs of users.

FAQ – Grid Trading Private Limited

Selection of the range and the percentage between in each trade, also known as grid spacing, is extremely important for being successful using this particular strategy. Grid spacing essentially means that any price movement of 2.1 % upward or downward, will execute a limit buy or a limit sell order . Any price movement above the current price would mean selling the quote asset. Many option traders are thinking that this extended trading hours could be the end of Option Trading…. Running a single strategy vs running multiple uncorrelated strategies. When pledged shares are invoked by companies/banks who have provided the collateral, which may result in acquisition of stake in the company.

You can ask for a company to be added to the front of the queue for updating, especially useful if the address, directors, or other critical information has changed. Just click on the ‘Update Information’ button below to start the process. The other thing to consider is the rules you will use to cancel the other grid orders. Many grid traders will cancel the opposing orders as their grid opens. For example, if the price starts moving higher, you could think about closing the opposing sell orders. The benefit of trend trading in markets such as Forex is there are many different trends you can find and trade.

In the face of this severe turbulence, BingX stays true to its mission in safeguarding user’s assets. Under no circumstances would BingX hedge users’ funds in venture investments. Leading crypto social trading platform BingX is excited to announce the launch of Futures Grid Trading, after it introduced Spot Grid Copy Trading in March. It is available to all registered users so that traders can earn in a more flexible way this crypto winter.

There are also many different time frames that can offer different trends. As a grid trader, you are not looking at complicated technical analysis or indicators. You are adding a grid of buy orders and a grid of sell orders. Grid trading is most commonly used in markets such as Forex or cryptocurrencies, where the price can move in solid trends, and there are minimal gaps in the price. Perhaps others, those who, like me, are just starting to learn PineScript, will find something useful. SquareOff provides fully automated Trading Bots that will place all trade entries without any manual intervention in your own Trading Account based on proven strategies.

Grid Trading Private Limited Overview

Stop loss and Entry point – Setting up grids in trending markets may end up slowing down profit accumulation in case the price goes below the entry price even if the grid is still functional. Setting up stop-loss levels in case of a market correction is also prudent and recommended. This indicator does not actively open trades at your grid levels; it just adds the levels quickly on your chart, so you know where to set up your orders. If you are looking to use a trend trading grid system, you can easily use some indicators and price action information to understand better the current or potential new trend you can use. The first step to creating your own grid is to decide how large the grid is and how large the intervals between orders will be.


Not much manual intervention required from the customer, they can continue with the day job or business while our platform would take care of their executions. Our Trading bots work with your existing trading account, it works with Aliceblue, Angel broking, Fyers & Trustline. Trading strategies built on statistical and mathematical models have historically offered higher returns than their benchmarks and mutual funds. The company has 2 directors/key management personal Tohsin Hussain and Jenifer Anwar.

You can customize how far apart each level on the grid is, which will quickly help you find where to put your grid trading orders. The lines are set up with two different colors for above and below the price. In this example, as the price starts to move higher and long trades are entered.

Grid Trading Private Limited News

As we move into 2023, CoinBeera remains the go-to destination for the best cryptoblogin 2023, analysis, and news. Don’t miss out on the valuable information that could help you make informed decisions in this rapidly changing industry. These pending orders create a ‘grid’ of orders which is where this strategy gets its name from. I am sure that you have heard such recommendations from your friends or people you follow in the crypto world. Sometimes these predictions come true, but more often, such predictions fall flat on their face. Yes, you can take a position on a coin, and that coin could moon, but there is no way to predict when it will moon.

  • These parameters include the size of the grid, the distance between the orders, and the maximum number of orders that can be placed.
  • The bot will place a buy order at $100 and a sell order at $110, $120, $130, and so on.
  • When looking to profit from a trend, you are looking to buy orders above price and sell orders below the price.
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This strategy is difficult to execute manually as setting up so many limit orders manually would be time-consuming since the limit orders need to be updated. The green lines indicate the limit buy orders and the red lines indicate the limit sell orders. The above chart shows how my investment has been divided equally within the range. The buy and sell orders have been placed with a grid spacing of 2.1 %. We buy a certain amount of the quote asset at the current price, which is the starting point of the grid. Once a customer has sufficient funds to invest, SquareOff proprietary execution algo would take care of execution.

Grid trading bots use algorithms to identify trading opportunities and execute trades based on predefined parameters. These parameters include the size of the grid, the distance between the orders, and the maximum number of orders that can be placed. The goal of grid trading bots is to capture small profits consistently over time, rather than trying to make big profits with each trade. With the right approach, grid trading bots can be a powerful tool for automating your trading strategy and achieving a more stable and predictable income stream. Grid trading bots are automated trading bots that use a grid trading strategy to execute trades. Grid trading is a trading strategy that involves placing orders at regular intervals above and below a predetermined price level.

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BingX lists new trading pairs Swingby and IRON on its trading platform.

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If a cryptocurrency touches the predetermined price points, trading bots automatically carry out the buy or sell orders on your behalf. As such, grid trading requires very little human intervention. Using grid trading bots on DEXs can offer several benefits, such as lower fees, faster execution times, and greater security and transparency. However, it also requires some knowledge and skill, as users need to understand the underlying blockchain technology and the specific features of the DEX they are trading on. Grid trading bots can play a significant role in DeFi by enabling users to automate their trading strategies on decentralized exchanges .

We’ll also explore some of the bestwhistleblower protection within the united states trading botsavailable in 2023 and provide some tips for using them effectively. On top of that, futures grid trading allows traders to use leverage to maximise the profit. Trading The Grid System – A grid trading system is a method of adding on every few points or pips as the market is progressing or regressing.

Harvest Grid Trading Enterprise Llp incorporated with MCA on 14 June 2020. The Harvest Grid Trading Enterprise Llp is listed in the class of company and classified as NA. Precautions have been taken by National Load Dispatch Center to upload the data/information and the uploaded data/information is believed to be accurate, reliable and complete. By purchasing this Lawsuit Report, you agree to our Terms & Conditions governing usage and limitaions of this report.

To optimise investment experience and maximise user’s profit, BingX is always on the go. Coin Crunch started in 2018 as a blog and news platform for cryptocurrency news across India. Since then we have pushed boundaries in exceptional content for our community, ranging from news, reviews, tutorials, interviews and much more. Coin Crunch is now transitioning to video only content on our Social Media platforms. Having enough capital– Many people find themselves setting up with very little capital which results in a narrow grid making this strategy less effective.


Our grid tool offers a unique solution to traders looking to maximize their profits in volatile market conditions. With its advanced features, you can create customized grids based on your preferred start price and line distance, allowing you to easily execute trades and capitalize on price… In this article, we’ll discuss grid trading bots in detail, including what they are, how they work, and their potential benefits and drawbacks.

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